Midwest IMF - Capabilities

Here is the line card for Midwest IMF’s equipment and capabilities.
1) 3 Mazak lasers
2) 8 Amada turret punch presses
3) a Vipros ll brush table turret punch press for stainless steel
4) 9 Amada press brake machines, 2 with the capability of 220 ton and 14-feet length
5) a CNC tube bending machine
6) 11 booths for MIG & TIG welding
7) 2 spot-weld machines
8) 1 Fanuc 120iB RJ3iB Robot System with Lincoln Manufacturing 455 weld supply and feeder
9) 2 stud welding guns
10) 2 captive fastener machines, i.e. PEM nuts and screws, and the more exotic inserts
11) mechanisms to hard stamp ID numbers, as well as a bar code label printer with P/N and rev level data
12) manual and vibratory de-burr equipment
13) tumbling bins for specific surface finishes
14) the design and building of jigs, fixtures, tooling, frames, and dies
15) vertical and horizontal processes machining phenolic, polycarbonate, fiberglass, Delrin, pvc, acrylic, polyethylene, Lexan, neoprene, acetal, plastic, Nylatron GSM, Nyoil, rubber, and Paintloc
16) a UL approved and certified 550 feet Nordson phosphate pre-treatment and wash line followed by the coatings line for applying wet paint, powder coat, and
CARC coatings using a Nordson Excel booth with 10 automatic & 2 manual Versa Spray II guns,
17) a chromate conversion tank
18) special rust inhibitor/preventative applications for water resistant and water-proof requirements
19) Plascoat application systems
20) wire screen, cloth, and mesh installation
21) 1 lathe and a 4 CNC milling center
22) 1 Niagara PN200 punch press
23) insulation and acoustic panel installation application areas, including hardware installation and customer specific packaging
24) a 5,000 square feet area for enclosure, frame, trailer, chassis, decal, wire harness, and other assemblies
25) established business relationships and close proximity to plating, electro-polishing, oxide, heat-treat, silk-screening, and water-jet services.

There are many other smaller processes we do for our customers, so please call 260-388-3879 or query mkite@midwestimf.com about your specific requirements.

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